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L'Ancien Hospice et le Musée de la Médecine


The Ancient Hospice of Hautefort generates strength and a haughty image in this Périgord village in the Black Périgord. It was founded in 1669 by the Marquis Jacques François de Hautefort following a royal edict in 1662 encouraging the creation of “general hospitals” in Paris, whose vocation was not medical but social, a place of welcome for beggars and the poor (the period of confinement under Louis 14). Very rapidly, the Ancient Hospice became a place for care, in particular with the arrival in 1747 of the nuns of the congregation of Nevers, whose devotion and worth were widely recognised.

Since 1994, the building has housed a museum whose aim is firstly to present life in the Ancient Hospice in its social, political, economic and medical environment ( the reconstitution of a parents’ room, a guided tour of the building) and secondly the development in medicine through permanent exhibitions(a dentistry hall, the Pasteur hall in which a number of medical instruments, objects or books are on show and a hall devoted to the 20th century), together with temporary exhibition.




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